Kozando’s armor is designed basically to be worn by Japanese adult males.
If you inform us the size, we could produce an armor that is fit to your body type.
First, please make your inquiry from the contact page.

◎ Payment Method
  We accept payments by
  credit card
◎ Regarding the Delivery
If you place an order, you can claim it in 3 to 6 weeks.
Depending on the item and the season, the delivery date may change.
The items in the shops can be brought home.
Please refer to the following for international shipping rates.
The rates will vary depending on the weight of the shipment.

Shipping fee per package
Assuming the item is less than 1kg
Asia2,000 yen~
Oceania, North and Central America, Middle East 2,500 yen~
Europe3,000 yen~
South America, Africa4,000 yen~

Shipping fee of the armor
Assuming the armor is 25 kg
Asia22,200 yen~
Oceania, North and Central America, Middle East 30,500 yen~
Europe35,700 yen~
South America, Africa58,900 yen~